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Welcome to the Guppy Show Master software download section.

For years there have been several discussions about a judging software, to be used by all clubs, and the possibillity of making judging equal at every show.

On this page you will find a complete set of files and guides to the Guppy Show Master software.

The software and it's components is completely free, but if you want to take full control of the program and edit it yourself, you will need MS Access.

The program is free to use/change/edit for all clubs and the new 2020 standard (A1-A5, B1-B4, C1-C4) is already implemented, so when the date is after 31/12-2019, the program will automatic change from the normal 1-13 standardnumbers to the new ones without you having to do anything

To download the files, just click the pdf/zip logos.





Perhaps this is the first time you use this program or maybe you already have an older version installed.

No matter what, you have to read this file first, since you will have a new database and a new tablet interface.



aa pdf logo

 Read me first pdf file


 To have the connection between the program and the judges tablets, you will need a SQL database

This guide will tell you how to install and setup a XAMPP SQL database.

This is something you only have to do one time and never more.



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Installation guide for SQL database (XAMMP) 


 In the SQL database you will need a special database for all the results from the judges tablets as described in the installation guide above.

This is the database you will need and you only have to install it one time.



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 guppy_sql tables for SQL database


 This is the files you need for the judges tablets as described in the installation guide above.

It is the judges interface that now comes in colors and trainees are added too.

This is also a one time installation.



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 IKGH folder for tablets


 When you will have your net show, you will need to empty last years tables in the database, or perhaps you need to do some changes during a show.

This is the user guide for your guppy_sql database that will help you getting by.



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User guide for SQL database


 The Guppy Show Master program itself, is the program the showmanagr use on his/hers computer, to setup the show, calculate the scores and make reports

If you have MS Access installed on your computer, this is the version you must download.

With this version, you can make all the changes to the program you want, if you know a little about MS Access.



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 Guppy Show Master program

for computers WITH MS Access installed


 This version of the Guppy Show Master program is for computers without MS Access installed

It is a stand alone version that is fully functional, but without some of the features that are integrated in MS Access.

During the installation, you will be required to install a runtime program from Microsoft, that will be needed to run this version.



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Guppy Show Master program

for computers WITHOUT MS Access installed


 You will need a guide to help you through the program. 

This is the user guide for the Guppy Show Master program.



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Guppy Show Master user guide